Anne Watt

  • Well-known Hoedspruit-based artist Anne Watt needs little introduction. Anne’s distinctive work reflects the rich palette of the lowveld, a stark contrast to the muted tones of Glasgow, where she grew up. Her fascination with the way South African women walk and carry themselves is what inspires the animated figures she paints, “I started sketching that movement and haven’t been able to stop,” she says.

    Through her work, Anne wants people to see “the rawness with the beauty of this country and to become aware of the richness of the life around us”. She cites the drive from Hoedspruit to Nelspruit as an example; “there is always something fascinating to see. Even just the colours of the clothes p

    eople wear make me think ‘wow’,” she exclaims. You can read the rest of a previous interview with Anne here: