Boniface Matemba

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    Boniface Matemba born in 1981 in Harare capital city of Zimbabwe. He developed an interest in drawing when he was a kid. When other kids of his age were busy playing and enjoying soccer in the field he was busy enjoying drawing with a few friends. He lived in Chitungwiza with his mother & father with two young brothers and a sister living in a community surrounded by many successful and famous artists of the first and second generation of the Shona stone sculptors. He decided to take art very seriously

    That is when he received years of artistic training at BAT (British American Tobacco) workshop in National Gallery of Zimbabwe. In his paintings or sculptures Boniface Matemba tries to revel what otherwise remain hidden from the eye of the viewer. He creates figurative work of art that show the emotions and tell stories which cannot be captured by the objective lens of a camera.

    “I use art to express untold stories” he says. He currently lives in South Africa where he is painting and making sculptures as well as learning and experimenting with other local techniques and mediums such as stone, metal, concrete and paint.


    •Mobil Zimbabwe Heritage Biennale 2002 at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe
    •2nd Kristin Diehl Sculpture price 2004
    • The condition of sculpture National Gallery of Zimbabwe 2005
    • Young artist Exhibition Gallery Delta 2005
    • First Johannesburg Merchandise Exhibition 2006 at Base line in Johannesburg
    • The international art contest 2012
    • Palm art award 2012

    • Beelde op Berg award for sculpture 2002 National Gallery of Zimbabwe
    • 2nd. Kristin Diehl Sculpture Price 2004 Germany Embassy, Harare
    • Silver Jubilee Award of Honour 2005. National Gallery of Zimbabwe