Endrew Zacharia

  • Endrew Zacharia is an artist and craftsman from Zimbabwe. He is married with two children. He worked for seven years at the Development Technology Centre at the University of Zimbabwe as a Project Coordinator and later worked with Alliance Française, Zimbabwe. He also worked with craftsmen and artists from Siyaso in a cooperation they called The Mbare Design Group as an Organizer of workshops and exhibitions.
    His love for art began as a challenge when he was inspired by some metal creations he saw at an exhibition in Harare. From then on his love for the creation of metal pieces grew. He makes his art from scrap metal ranging from washers to nuts and bolts and anything else he finds interesting. His journey to producing a piece of art begins with sourcing scrap metal and deciding what to make with it. He believes any piece of scrap metal is useful regardless of its size and shape and this is evident in his work.