Nicki Giles


    Born in the UK, she traveled a great deal when she was young around Europe, Canada, Asia and even lived in Singapore for a few years where she attended the UWC of SEA.
    She moved to South Africa in late teens and studied Art at school as a final subject. She loves sculpture and photography and when travelling around Africa, she takes inspiration for her artworks from the people, their culture, the places and from nature. She enjoys collecting smooth colored pebbles, beautifully gnarled wood created from the elements from the beach or the bush and loves finding and creating seed pods for art pieces and jewelry and has a fabulous collection of these to prove it.
    Nicki constantly sees ever changing faces and animals in the clouds above and trunks of trees and always sees a story written in peoples’ eyes – her photographs of peoples’ faces – particularly children’s, show immense emotion whether it be of happiness, sadness, love or pain. Her artworks usually draw some sort of emotional feeling out of the viewer.
    Nicki is a very tactile person and enjoys using her hands instead of brushes in many of her artworks creating unusual textures, delicate undertones, movement and atmosphere. She plans to make more time for Art as she is inspired by the wonderful artists around her and their positive energy. She enjoys being barefoot, dancing in the rain, the sound and feel of the wind, the sand between her toes, has a big imagination, has big dreams and enjoys making wishes with dandelions…