Nicoleen Meintjes

  • Nicoleen Meintjes is an artist based in Nelspruit and she joined our team in September of this year. Even though she feels it is strange talking about herself, she still has a lot of talent worth talking about.

    “The artists who inspire me are Andre Meintjes, Keith Jobert, Francoise Nielly and Rene Snayman (all of these artists are pretty darn amazing)!” says Nicoleen.

    “I have had no formal training, luckily my brother Andre is also an artist, so help was on hand. I started painting a year ago, it seemed to help me feel better about life, see the beauty and wonder in everyday situations. I am very partial to bright colors and using texture, so once I am happy with what my painting looks like – the final test is to close my eyes and run my fingers across my art.

    “Paintings I find is like building your dream home or restoring a classic motorcar, the finished product is mesmerizing and you feel a sense of peace and accomplishment, you forget all about the sweat and tears to get it so.

    “So, have fun, have a laugh, have a think and enjoy!” she adds.