Want to support iNyoka?

iNyoka is a gallery by the artists, for the artists! We’ve taken an old, derelict building and through months of voluntary labour, transformed it into a modern, dynamic art space for creative people living in and around our beautiful town of Hoedspruit. The transformation has been inspirational, with members donating time, skills and supplies.

As a co-operative, we have no profit motive; our aim is to help artists make a living through creativity.

That doesn
‘t mean we don’t have running costs though, or ambitions to a) continue with renonvations to this amazing space and b) support artists in our community who are struggling financially.

If you’d like to support our vision, you can do so by:

a) Donating money through PayPal

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b) Contributing items on our wishlist (download pdf)

c) Volunteering your time and skills by contacting info@inyokagallery.com

You can also email us for more information about iNyoka Gallery & Artists’ Co-operative or pop in and visit us if you’re in the Hoedspruit area.